Min Min Algorithm in Grid Computing with code in C

Let us first know why this algorithm is needed?

Let us take an example before moving to the code


What is a Task ?

Algorithm to solve the problem

  1. Find minimum time for each task , in the above image minimum time for each task is (100 ms ,T1 ,VM2), (20 ms, T2, VM1) ,(60 ms, T3, VM1)
  2. Now find the set with minimum time and that is (20 ms, T2, VM1)
  3. Execute T2 in VM1 for 20 ms
  4. Since 20ms has been elapsed we need to update our data. New data is:

Finally the Code

Final Words



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Subhadeep Choudhuri

Subhadeep Choudhuri


Hi, I am a final year undergraduate from KIIT Bhubaneshwar pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering